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Inspiring Empathy.
Building Community.

Who We Are

We are a Charlotte, NC based non-profit focused on providing sustainable housing solutions. As the number of people experiencing some form of homelessness in our city has grown, we’ve identified a gap in affordable housing solutions: people who hold jobs and have consistent income, but who fall slightly short of qualifying for lower mortgage based programs like Habitat For Humanity, but who also sit on waiting lists for low income housing for years and are unable to pay rent in a rising market.

Our goal is to purchase properties and build cottages, pairing two residents as neighbors on each property. Additionally, fostering long-term relationships in a way that successfully connects their needs with the resources of the Phills Foundation volunteers for things like tutoring and mentoring. We’ve witnessed firsthand the power relationship building has to create real change in the life of another.

We will be documenting the real stories of those we are helping, rallying to meet the need, and bringing everyone along to see the impact.

Our Story

Hear our founder, Kendall Phills, detail her desires for our community as well as the history of our mission.

Meet Wayne

Throughout the year we will introduce you to the people we are currently helping, sharing details of their personal stories, and showing you the impact we are making together.

Hear Wayne’s story and see where we are in meeting our goal.

Due to your generous donations we are able to give displaced community members what each of us deserve, a home.


Thank You For Your Donation