Our Story

I met and married Bobby Ray Phills before I fully knew myself, and before we realized our potential separately or together. But we knew we shared a passion for impacting the lives of others.

Our time together became a defining era of my life for two reasons: I experienced the kind of love that nurtures confidence and I became a mother. After Bobby’s untimely death in 2000, it was that very confidence that enabled me to raise two little humans on my own.

It is in this season of my life, the lives of my children, and the climate of our culture, that birthing the Phills Foundation makes sense. We are inspired by a multi-generational eagerness to live with purpose and their generation’s keen sense of authenticity in that effort.

Your passion may be realized through a lifetime of trial and error, or it could take root before you even know yourself, through someone who genuinely sees you and recognizes that thing that lights you up. But most certainly, your passion’s greatest contribution is often birthed through your deepest pain.

Kendall Phills, Founder
Phills Foundation

Hear our founder, Kendall Phills, detail her desires for our community as well as what inspires our mission. This is who we are and where we come from.

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“Charlotte needs over 30,000 affordable housing units to meet the current housing need” #philsfoundation

Our organization is founded on the belief that intentionally and sustainably building relationships enables one to deeply know and understand our neighbors needs. We work to organically connect the needs of our community to the types of service that best fit your talents.